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Data Sharing Matters

Image by Gerd Altmann from PixabayOne of the questions we’re often asked is, where are all the examples of how reuse of public data is leading to new scientific insights? We are preparing a special issue to highlight such examples.  

Call For Papers

Have you been able to find and use publicly shared neuroscience data for compelling discovery science?

We want to demonstrate why data sharing matters by highlighting success stories that show how data reuse is leading to new scientific insights.

NeuroCommons therefore invites you to submit to our newest thematic series, welcoming studies that:

  • Describe compelling new discoveries enabled by public data
  • Analyse public data to test or develop new hypotheses
  • Describe and contextualize valuable new datasets
  • Share insights on the social and technological barriers to and the benefits of enriching the neuroscience data commons 

Now accepting submissions

Please contact our Editors if you'd like to make a presubmission enquiry or request more information.

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